Where we are and Actual Route


Our actual route as at 10th Feb 2017, we are currently in Sutherland, Northern Cape, South Africa







19 Comments on “Where we are and Actual Route

  1. Get the BBC to do a documentary and pay the Carnet de Payage! Just swear a bit and do the odd ‘slant’ joke like Clarkson and you’ll be laughing.


  2. God I hate you. I drove the garden route from Durban to Cape Town and back again many a long year ago before I was married and of all the countries in the world, if I had to choose one to live in it would be Africa. Although I quite liked Australia. America wasn’t bad either. Love Norway. Actually Spain is rather beautiful, as is France and some parts of Belgium. Germany and Austria are stunning in parts… One life is just not enough, is it?

    Why the hell have I spent the last 30 years in this dismal grey country I hear you ask? I’ll tell you when I’ve done Wales and Ireland in my truck (uaphoto.com, Out and About from the menu and click on the image to go to my Flickr page for a few more shots)

    Look forward to watching your progress, maybe it will inspire me to follow in your tracks.


  3. Was reading a bit on my iPad. Glad I came across your post. Will certainly try for connecting on Google+ tomorrow when I get back to my desk.


  4. How about going through Iran to get back…but the saudi visa is tres difficile apparently…see the German website Mankie travel (going the other way)…or Shumba.de or something like that…a German driving a gigantic elevating roof man truck.Watch out for arachnids setting up shop in your shoes.


  5. Hey guys. We did exact west coast route in 2010. Happy to share insights as you go. Your going to have a great time! Love the truck. Pop in and see us when you get close to Cape Town would love to see your truck and chat about plans etc….. Safe travels and drop us a line on email. Cheers nick and Vick @ LangebaanSunset


  6. Hi there! WE are following same route, currently in Douala, leaving on the 4th of August toward Namibia. Whats your detailed route? We might be catching up somewhere !


    • Hi we are currently in North west Ghana, we are booked (hopefully) on a freight ship from Tema to Walvis Bay, Namibia set to arrive at Walvis on approx 3rd Sept, we are then looking to tour Namibia and SA before moving inland to Botswana, Zambia and then up east coast
      What are you driving/riding?
      Good to hear we are not completely on our own ha


      • why this decision? we drove benin to cameroun last xmas now car is in cameroun4to24 we plan to cross gabon, congo, congo drc angola and get to namibia! ciao, stefano

        Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 15:03:10 +0000 To: stefanosissoldo@hotmail.com


  7. We have just finished traveling Route ’66 which we really
    enjoyed in our Mustang stopping off in hotels/ motels
    along the way from Chicago to Santa Monica which seems rather tame compared to your adventure. We have been to Northern Africa, Tanzania and a safari to
    Kenya but no where as many African countries as you
    are doing. Travel safely.


  8. Thank goodness you are both okay as no blog since February and we were worried something had gone wrong. We briefly met when you camped on the same site as us in Salamanca, Spain back in 2015. We’ve been following your blog since then with great interest, so please continue the good work and continue to enjoy life to the full.
    Phil & Judy

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    • Hi Phil and Judy, really great to hear from you, can’t believe you’ve been following us all this time!!! We are really looking forward to the coming months ahead


  9. Hi Guys. Its been two years since we met you at Jamaka. Today were are yet again having breakfast with the boys at Kardoesie and we were wondering were you are how your trip has been so far. Let us know when you are in Cape Town perhaps we could meet up. Regards Daniel Juliana and the 3 boys.


    • Hi Daniel, great to hear from you, I hope you are all well. We were back in Jamaka (just about to post about it actually). We are now in Bontebok NP and heading to PE for shipping back to UK at the end of the month.
      We also stopped at Kardoesie and indeed were talking about you guys from 2015
      Keep in touch
      Vince and Jacs


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