“Colonel K”, The Camper

From the outset we decided the truck had to be comfortable for a long trip, and so after a lot of thought, planning and a sprinkling of luck, this is what we came up with:


  • 300 litre freshwater tank, with level indicator
  • 180 litre grey water tank (sink and shower waste)
  • Calorfier tank for hot water
  • Hot water is provided by heat from the engine (plumbed into the radiator system) so piping hot water is available as soon as you stop (this will remain hot for approx 12 hours)
  • Diesel powered Webasto water heater/heating “boiler”
  • 30psi Shurflo 24v water pump
  • Hot and cold water taps in both kitchen and bathroom
  • Fully filtered tap in kitchen to provide save drinking water
  • Full size shower with lots of power due to 30psi pump
  • External shower, via plug in adapter

IMG_0783  IMG_0796


  • 24v split charging system
  • 8no 12volt, 110amp leisure batteries wired up to give 440amp at 24volt, giving a usable approx 220amp
  • Charging from engine alternator (once truck batteries are topped up, power is sent to leisure batteries), mains hook up, solar panels, or generator
  • 3kva Honda electric start Generator mounted on pull-out track
  • 240v through inverter
  • Large 130w Solar Panel on roof, tops up batteries when stationary
  • LED lights inside and outside
  • 12volt outlets


  • Front opening 24v fridge with ice box
  • Gas Hob with 4 burners
  • Gas grill
  • Stainless Steel sink, hot, cold, and filtered taps
  • Diesel Hob, plumbed into fuel tanks, for when gas runs out
  • Lots of base units and overhead wall units for storage
  • 2no gas bottles in outside locker, used only for hob and grill


  • Thetford WC, with cartridge storage of waste (no chemicals used), SOG extraction filter (no smells when using)
  • Basin sink with hot and cold water, fitted on top of vanity cupboard.
  • Shower tray fitted over rear departure angle slope, so plenty of room to move around
  • Hot and cold water shower mixer, very powerful so eats water unless careful
  • Shower curtain
  • Mirror


  • Full size good quality double bed, on a sprung slatted IKEA base
  • Dining area with seating for 4 people, table and bench seats convert into a double bed
  • Large Wardrobe
  • TV/DVD for watching DVD’s only
  • Music system, Sony unit that houses iPod, also same system fitted in cab
  • Air conditioning unit fitted in living area
  • Storage units above bed
  • Large storage lockers under dining seating, one accessible from outside locker door
  • Safe for valuables
  • Large hatch opens out from dining area for a panoramic view
  • Windows are fitted with blinds and insect mesh
  • 2no roof lights, one over bed and other over dining table, blinds and insect mesh built in
  • Cut through to Cab for emergency get away, access either way


Our mascot “Colonel K” (Danger Mouse’s boss)



  • Fully sound proofed
  • KAB 414 High backed mechanical suspension seats fitted, adjustable for weight etc (a god send with the Dafs suspension), with lift up arm rests and head restraints
  • Music system as cabin, but ariel is wired up for radio
  • Large lockable metal storage box (houses stereo and speakers), with twin 12v outlets for chargers etc
  • Top loading fridge, that can be run as a freezer, behind drivers seat
  • Storage boxes behind passenger seat
  • 12v socket in dash to power Sat Nav and IPad
  • Cut through to Cab for a (brave) emergency cup of tea
  • Garmin Truck specific Sat Nav, with Tracks for Africa installed
  • Display for rear view camera


  • Large side awning, wind out
  • Locker to rear (under bed) containing camp chairs, table, barbecue, Braii (to go over open fire), hammock, hammock end frame, charcoal, etc
  • Locker containing pull out generator
  • Locker containing gas bottles
  • Galvanized tie hook for hammock
  • locker containing tools, hose for filling water, spares (numerous), jack, wheel nut torque converter (for undoing wheel nuts), wheel brace, wheel chocks
  • Metal box on roof, general storage of items such a pads/ blocks for jack, logs etc
  • 300 litre diesel tank  (giving approx 700-800 mile range)
  • 4no, 20 litre metal jerry cans (giving an additional 150-200 mile range when needed) (or when fuels very cheap)
  • Rear rack, operated by 24volt winch, spare wheel, and two mountain bikes
  • Front and rear winches, each Champion 17,500lb models
  • Stainless steel protection tubing around cab and cabin, and over air con unit
  • Stainless steel ladder for access to cab roof
  • Air take off for inflating tyres (up to 100psi)
  • Heavy duty portable air compressor for topping up rear tyres (123psi), (front 75psi)
  • Kayak, paddles, buoyancy aids, gloves and booties
  • 2no lockers each containing 4no 110amp leisure batteries
  • Locker containing cassette for WC (no chemicals)
  • Filler for water tank
  • 4no high power driving lamps mounted on stainless steel protection on cab roof

IMG_0342  IMG_0347




5 Comments on ““Colonel K”, The Camper

  1. Your truck looks annoyingly like a tardis, more room on the inside than should be possible considering the size of the outside. Much more annoyingly, mine is the other way around. I guess that’s one of the benefits of building to your own spec with the aid of someone who knows what they’re doing.


  2. Hk there vince how do you get on with getting gas out where ever you are . Happy new year to you both . Robbie


    • we have always managed to get gas refilled into our UK caller gas bottles, but also have a south african Cadac bottle that can be filled up anywhere


  3. Just saw your truck in George. Told my husband that it must be awesome! Enjoy your trip


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