Relocation of spare wheel

With the help of my nephew (master welder) Glen, we are currently working on relocating the spare wheel/tyre from the current under chassis position, to the rear rack. This will hopefully make the road/trackside changing of the wheel a much easier proposition, as the wheel and tyre together weigh a hernia inducing 135kg (or approx 21 stone in old money). The wheel originally is bolted in a roughly horizontal position under the chassis and is lowered down on a wired pulley system, then has to be dragged out from under the truck, this is not easy on my drive, let alone in the deep mud or on a rocky track in the 40 degree heat of Central Africa!

On the rear rack the wheel will be in a vertical position, and once unbolted, will just need to be wheeled round to the damaged tyre. Then the damaged wheel can be rolled onto the rear rack and bolted into position, and then hoisted up into the raised position by the electric winch.

In the vacated space left by the spare wheel, I am having an alloy locker made up which will give us even more storage, the locker dimensions are 1050x500x450mm, and will be bolted to the chassis, and used for items such as spare parts, tools, shovel, etc.

I will post a few pics once completed

2 Comments on “Relocation of spare wheel

  1. Oh hello. I’m particularly interested in the size of the locker!!!! I’m not sure if it will accommodate two suitcases . Please could you advise me thanks


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