Who needs a dining room?

We are currently up in Yorkshire to visit a couple of friends that have opened up “a most unusual teashop” in Whitby called “Rusty Shears”. This is an amazing place and seems to be doing well for Russ and Kirsty, and we wish them all the best in their new venture.

We timed our visit purely by chance, to co-inside with another old friend Neil, and his partner Jacqui (yeah another Jacqui), to be there. Lots of alcohol was consumed, and on the Sunday, Russ and Kirsty arranged for the staff at Rusty Shears to pack up a Roast Beef dinner with all the trimmings for the six of us to devour, back at the campsite ( Russ and Kirsty are living in the motorhome). It was decided that Colonel K was more suited as a dining room, so we would eat in there! image

Now please remember that “The Colonel” was specifically designed for the two of us to live comfortably, and was not really made with an intimate dining experience for six in mind. But, we did actually all fit round the table and the food went down a storm (and the wine, and the beer, and the single malt, and the Baileys). We had a fantastic time, and once again our trusty Daf proved it was up to a slightly different challenge.

A Great weekend with great company, cheers guys

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