Getting closer to setting off

Well things are moving along quite nicely now, as far as getting nearer to setting off on our trip is concerned.

We’ve been lucky enough to get a tenant very quickly to move into our house, so quickly in fact, that we’ve had to find alternative accommodation for a few weeks to give us time to sort The Colonel out, after storage for the winter, and a few other bits and pieces.

So all our worldly possessions are going into storage, vehicles are to be sold, and of course paper work needs sorting (Carnet de Passage, International Driving Licences, etc).

As far as The Colonel is concerned, it’s pretty much ready, it’s due an MOT in a few weeks, having 2 new Michelins fitted and new tubes fitted all round (genuine Michelin tubes to be on the safe side), it also needs a recovery/tow point attached to the rear chassis rails (for when either we’re stuck in deep mud, or someone needs our assistance, hopefully the latter!). There are also the Jerry can holders to fit to the roof rack, and fans to get fitted to the cab. So still a few things.

We are also looking into getting the windows on the cab tinted, to reduce the massive greenhouse effect generated inside, it’s hot enough in the Scottish Highlands, so any help we can get for when we reach the Sahara will be appreciated. We’ve decided that air conditioning in the cab is not really viable, due to complexity, power drain, and costs.

Then there are the more usual things such as cleaning the water tank after sitting empty over the winter, restocking the food and drink, and generally loading up with clothes, bedding, maps etc.

Its gonna be a mad few weeks ahead!



4 Comments on “Getting closer to setting off

  1. You need the gold film they had on concord to reflect the Rays, to keep the heat out.


  2. For the window tinting wait until you get to Rabat you can get almost anything sorted out there from a respray to a full engine rebuild, give us a shout if you need any info regarding the route south, down as far as Mali we drove that way in a Defender with the kids. Just waiting to pick our Truck up from the Nederlands, Most thing you’re short of you can get on the way keep it simple . Looking forward to you’re posts. love to see the truck before you go we are in kent if you fancy a cuppa.


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