A complicated move

After a few weeks of packing, stacking, chucking, and a bit of shouting, we have actually moved out of our house at last. The storage unit is packed to the gunnels, and God help us if we want to get anything out of there. So there was stuff going to storage, the truck, the temporary accommodation, and the tip. A very hectic few days.

We are temporary located in a lovely 2 bed holiday cottage a couple of miles from our house (and pub), for this week, then we move to a smaller holiday cottage for a few weeks, a couple of villages away but nice and near a decent pub. The idea being we slowly get used to smaller living space! 

The truck is having a couple of new Michelin tyres and 5 new genuine Michelin tubes fitted next week, then is booked in for its MOT the following week, and then the tinting to the cab windows can be carried out (not strictly legal, but necessary. 

We have loaded up The Colonel with bedding, clothes, spares, beer, and some food, it is currently bursting at the seams and definitely needs a good sorting out. There’s far too much in there, and we need to be a bit canny with the packing and a bit brutal with some of the stuff.

We are still aiming for a setting off date for mid to end of March, and have checked out the cost of the ferry from Dover to Calais, it unbelievably is only about £20 more than taking the motorbike! 

So now we gotta sell our cars, sort out our Carnet de Passage, International Driving Licenses, medical insurance, currency, etc. oh and have a few more jabs.

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