We’re actually off at last

We finally received our International Driving Permits from the RAC on Friday, after finding out that our original applications were “lost” in the post, or system or some other imaginary place that exists only on the minds of the RAC. So it was agreed that if we scanned the documents and emailed them, they would process the IDP’s straight away. True to their words they were delivered the next day.

Once we checked them, it was straight on to the web and booked a ferry to France. So yup, we are off tomorrow, Monday 23rd March 2015!

It still seems a bit surreal, that after all this planning we are finally setting off for Africa.

While talking about planning, we still don’t have a route sorted out, even down to whether or not we go Right or Left out of Calais! But this is the essence of the Lorrywaydown, it’s all a very loose plan.

V & J x

10 Comments on “We’re actually off at last

  1. I’ll be thinking of you all the time mate. Have a super time. Hope to visit you somewhere on route
    And I’ll be there at the ‘Fish Farm’ on my bike when you get back.


  2. trip of a life time, good luck on your travels, look forward to reading your post as you go, if you need a driver at anytime or find somewhere that might need a more experienced driver then just let me know , ,
    If not I see you up Ronnies in about 2 years
    Take care and have fun

    Mark & Nicky


  3. Good luck you two on yr epic adventure. Stay safe and out of trouble. Luv C&J


  4. Good luck this is so real now enjoy every second we all look forward to your updates lots love crunchers xx


  5. The very best wishes from all here in Crundale. Will keep a keen eye on your progress!
    Tony Sarah and Grace.
    PS. Had a bit of a thick head Sunday, perhaps stayed a little too long in the Bowl the previous day.


  6. Well, I finally got my truck out on the road today, though I don’t think heading off to the Asda in Tilbury to fill up quite compares with your trip but to be honest it felt like an adventure to me. Be thinking of you both at the Overlander meet in Worcester next week and following your progress closely. Good luck!


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