Living in a box !

Our Box is 8ft x 16ft ( 2.4m x 4.8 m) living accommodation.

We haven’t killed each other yet ! You really need to be aware of each other and side step at the appropriate time, otherwise belly barging or botty bouncing becomes the sport of the moment. Stowing effectively is a key requirement, as Vince found out to his detriment, opening a storage locker to make a cuppa & a jar of coffee leapt out at him. We are still clearing up the coffee granules after 3 days !

Warmth has been a bit of an issue, as we mainly packed for a warmer climate and France so far has been as cold as home. We are therefore using our diesel fired ceramic hob for heating  & thankfully I packed my SuperDry bobble hat. Vince also had the bright idea of putting our 12.5 tog quilt into storage and buying a 4.5 tog quilt, so very cold nights. I’m sure this will be the right decision when we are sweltering, sweating and fighting off flies in a few months time.

On the domestic front, washing up after years of using a dishwasher is a bit of a shock, especially when water is to be used sparingly. Something we need to perfect before entering sub saharan Africa. 1 week & half a tank of water used. We are managing to cook ok with our limited kitchen, utensils & have found you don’t need to use that much, if you pop it all in one or two pans. Have actually been eating very well- Filet steak & Trout & loads of veg. We are keeping our vitamin tablets for those days when fresh food may be a little harder to source.

The Power supply of the Col K does not seem compatible with hair straighters, so its the Curly/ natural look or “hair up” look for me now . Vince has grown a beard, as shaving is difficult in a small sink & makes a mess and drains the water supply.We have to keep an eye on the electric consumption daily as each day that we are parked up we use more electricity than is put back in by the solar panels. After 3 days we have used about a quarter of the stored electric.

We decided to store all of our clothes & belongings into plastic boxes ,to keep them cleaner & free from dust ( I have 3 boxes & Vince has 2 – well thats only fare). After spending a longtime storing items in certain places, we are still rearranging & moving items. We are finding things we forgot we packed & items we didn’t pack – vince forgot his walking socks !

As we are restricted to staying inside the Col , due to the cold weather, we are spending our time researching countries ahead of us, listening to French radio, in the hope that something of the language sinks in- we are trying to learn spoken French very quickly & try to translate our conversations- very poorly ! We should have had French lessons ! Vince thinks the French wine will help !!!

Au revoir 


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