Uganda, Mountain Gorilla Tracking

The day had finally arrived, it was time for our Gorilla Tracking experience. We had booked and paid for it 3 weeks ago while in Kampala, and had been talking about it ever since. Suffice to say we were more…

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Uganda, Lake Bunyoni and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

So we got our Gorilla permits sorted, but we still had a bit of time to kill, so after Queen Elizabeth NP, we decided to head for Lake Bunyoni in the South of the country and chill out for a…

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Uganda, north to south

From Kampala we headed north to Murchison Falls National Park, this meant leaving the capital city at daybreak, in a futile attempt to avoid the worst of the heavy traffic. Judging by the traffic when we got to Kampala, we…

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Uganda, battered bodies, and football

Ahhh, good old African land border time again! But surely the exiting of Kenya can’t be too bad? Just to get to the Kenyan border post we had to overtake/queue jump somewhere between 500 and 1,000 trucks, then when eventually…

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