Another Dentist(s) visits Africa!

1700 Miles in the company of Vinnie, Jac and the Col K. A grand tour of Namibia with its sights, animals and highlights. A huge 4×4 with a tent on the top. To campĀ  or to stay in a lodge?…

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Namibia, Wild Horses and International Rescue

Before we were allowed to leave Sesriem we had to pay for two days permit for the National Park. This was a surprise to us as the campsite is situated just inside the gates (no more than 100 metres inside),…

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Senegal, sweat, sweat, sweat….

We ended up staying with Martin and Ursula for 3 weeks at Zebrabar, we really had a great time there, but it was time to move on, but not until we filled in their fantastic visitors book. The night before…

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Colonel K hits Morocco

After a very early start (from our Supermarket carpark), we headed off in the dark to Algeciras Port to catch the ferry to Tangier in Morocco. I had forgotten how rubbish the headlights were on our 20 year old Daf…

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