“The Battle Rages On” (Living in a box 3)

We have now been “on the road” for 100 days and our 6th country. Since my last post we have purchased an outside plastic carpet to help cut down on the amount of sand that ends up in “The Col…

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Western Sahara, Camels and Sand

We finally got our Carnet de Passage through to the DHL office in Agadir, it only took 3 days for the package to get to Casablanca, Morocco, then another 8 days for it to get through Customs, (during which it…

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That’s Africa! A wee bit frustrating….

On our last post we mentioned that we were in the large Oasis of Skoura, well the next day we went off to visit the oldest, and best preserved Kasbah in the area. We set off on foot and had…

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Dusty times

Zagora was a shock, with very pushy people outside virtually every shop. The trouble is, the whole town has geared up to sell to tourists and once again we seemed to be the only Western tourists in town. Its strange,…

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Colonel K hits Morocco

After a very early start (from our Supermarket carpark), we headed off in the dark to Algeciras Port to catch the ferry to Tangier in Morocco. I had forgotten how rubbish the headlights were on our 20 year old Daf…

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